Annual Financial Report

All Bulgarian companies, MUST prepare and publish their Annual Financial Reports before 30 June 2021 !!! 

Every company registered in Bulgaria is obliged to prepare and to publish an Annual Financial Report according to the Bulgarian Act for the Commercial Register and the Accountancy Act.   

We are proud to offer you the complete service for just  £80 !!! 

  On-line Tax declarations just £50

All Bulgarian companies, MUST prepare and submit Tax declarations before 31 March 2021 !!! 

Each company registered in Bulgaria is obliged to submit its Tax declaration for the last year by 31 March of the present year. Even if your company has no commercial activity you still have this obligation !

Failure to submit your Tax declaration in time will result in a HUGE fine for you and your company, which may follow you to your residential address.

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We realize how difficult could be to have a company in a foreign country and to take good care of it not knowing the local laws, rules and terms, which are changing probably too often. We know how difficult is to find a proper solicitor, accountant, architect, translator or insurance company, sometimes all at the same time. We have already been through it...
That's why we have created...
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